Economist promotes Moroccan ‘hasbara’ on “Jewish-Muslim coexistence”

A guest post by Lyn Julius

It’s November in Morocco – time for the annual fixture of the cultural calendar – the Essaouira Music festival.

The Economist has been gushing about what it calls ‘Morocco’s little idyll of Jewish-Muslim coexistence’. Yet, the Nov. 2nd article admits that only three Jews still live in Essaouira – a city which used to have as many Jews as Muslims before the great  exodus to Israel.

One of those Jews is Jacquy Sebagwho was attacked with an axe by Muslim extremists in 2002 during the Palestinian intifada. You would never guess that unpleasant things ever happened to Jews in Morocco, which the Economist portrays as a haven from European persecution.

It is true that many Jews expelled from Spain and Portugal in the 15th century fled to Morocco, but it is misleading to infer that Jews and Muslims had always coexisted peacefully. In…

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