Times of London journo tweets deceit about Israeli reaction to Saeb Erekat’s illness

UK Media Watch

The consistent failure of British news outlets to inform their readers about the drumbeat of Palestinian incitement, and popular Palestinian support for violence, is one of the most vexing elements of their reporting on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Despite incontrovertible evidence revealed continously at sites such as Palestinian Media Watch showing PA political and religious leaders inciting extremism and violence (most recently over non-existent threats to al-Aqsa Mosque), most journalists treat such reports as nothing more than Israeli ‘hasbara’ – or as mere “claims”, the truth or falsehood of which they never care much about scrutinizing. 

Conversely, many of the same journalists obsessively highlight every example purporting to show Israelis and Israeli leaders as far-right extremist proponents of violence against Palestinians, a double standard in coverage which grossly distorts news consumers’ understanding of the conflict.

The following tweet by Gregg Carlstrom, who contributes to Times of London and The Economist

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