Here’s what the Guardian’s ‘largely non-violent’ Palestinian ‘campaign of civil disobedience’ looks like

The terror attack on the Temple Mount by two Arab Israelis on July 14th, Palestinian riots following the installation of metal detectors on July 16th and the hacking to death of a Jewish family during Shabbat on July 21st all had one thing in common: they all involved violence at least partly inspired by the deadly myth that Jews are going to defile, take over or destroy al-Aqsa Mosque.

Facebook post of Omar al-Abed, posted hours before he killed three Israelis in Halamish says he wanted to stop the Jews from desecrating the Mosque.

Not only did the Guardian’s coverage of these incidents fail to mention the history of what is essentially an antisemitic conspiracy theory about al-Aqsa, and the violence it has incited, but it also created new myth: that Palestinian protests over al-Aqsa (putatively over new security measures on the Mount) can be characterised as a “largely non-violent

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