Is the Guardian Once Again Suggesting that Israel is Killing Gazan Babies?

UK Media Watch

A guest post by AKUS

Has the Guardian gone back to the bad old days of accusing Israel’s blockade of poisoning children in Gaza – Victoria Brittain’s infamous 2009 “blue baby syndrome” article?

With a picture of three newborn babies at the top of an article in the Guardian, headed “Bitter Palestinian rivalry adds to the agony of Gaza’s vulnerable” I anticipated a report by Sarah Helms, “a former Middle East correspondent and diplomatic editor of the Independent”, that described the effects on children in Gaza of the deadly internecine struggle between Fatah and Hamas for control of Gaza.

However, given Helms’ background, for example her Corbynesque enthusiasm for Hamas, the article takes a very different tack. While describing how the PA and Hamas are causing the suffering these children and others are experiencing, Helms repeatedly hints and states that the suffering of these children is due to the…

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