Guardian publishes letter demonising Israel and Radiohead – why it matters to British Jews.

UK Media Watch

A letter published in the Guardian (signed by dozens of Palestinians, both in the UK and the Palestinian territories), supporting director Ken Loach’s criticism of Radiohead’s Tel Aviv performance, continues in the media group’s legitimisation of propaganda suggesting that BDS is a moral imperative because Israel is a uniquely malevolent force in the world. 

The letter characterises Israel as a “ruthless” practitioner of “violent racism”, and an “apartheid” state “worse” than South Africa – one which racially segregates roads, denies water to thirsty Palestinians and “brutally” “slaughters” innocent children.  Millions of Palestinians, the letter informs Guardian readers, are “imprisoned behind walls” and are cruelly denied live-saving medical care. Palestinians, we’re told, are “shot at check points”, evidently without cause.

Conversely, the letter of course completely ignores the role of Hamas and other violent…

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