Guardian columnist suggests that Israel’s defenders are akin to climate change deniers.

If British news consumers were to rely on the Guardian as their sole source of information about the 2014 war between Israel and Hamas, they’d be forgiven for not only falsely believing the IDF failed to take adequate precautions to avoid civilian casualties, but that it may have targeted Palestinian kids. Though – with one or two exceptions – this wasn’t stated explicitly, the Guardian’s op-eds, reports, headlines and photos from the war could have led many to reach this erroneous conclusion.

Guardian, July 31, 2014.

In fact, something close to the opposite is true.  Despite the fact that Hamas routinely used Palestinian civilians as human shields, firing rockets from and hiding weapons in mosques, schools and hospitals, the IDF took extraordinary measures to avoid killing civilians.

Sadly, this false narrative alleging Israeli attacks on civilians is being sustained by the usual UK media commentators, including Guardian journalist Zoe Williams

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