Times of London corrects, Guardian still misleads on El Al sex discrimination story

UK Media Watch

A Jerusalem Court ruled last week that the Israeli airline El Al may no longer ask women to change seats due to the requests of ultra-orthodox men who don’t want to sit next to women.  Renee Rabinowitz, an 81-year-old Holocaust survivor, was asked by a flight attendant, after she had boarded an El Al flight in 2015, to move to another seat at the request of a haredi man sitting next to her. She agreed, but subsequently sued the airline over the incident.  The court ruled that asking a women to move seats due to her gender amounts to illegal sex discrimination.

We highlighted the word “ask” for a reason.  

Asmultiplereportsmadeclear, Ms. Rabinowitz was not forced to move seats. She was asked.  The court still ruled that it’s illegal for a flight attendant to just ask a woman to move – solely because of her…

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