What did the Economist erase from its picture of ‘occupation’?

This is a guest post by Margie in Tel Aviv.

The Economist is currently promoting a seven-part “special report” titled “Six days of war, 50 years of occupation”. The online version of the unattributed sixth instalment of that series of reports goes under the odd title “The half-life on an occupied Palestine“, making one think of a far-flung planet or the moon.

The article carries the misleading strapline “There is no end in sight to the occupation”. Of course an end is in fact a possible: formulas for ending the situation have been offered to the Palestinians time and again by various bodies (with the full agreement of the Israeli government) but the Palestinian leadership refuses in practice to negotiate even though, for outside appearances, parts of it at least foster an impression of enthusiasm.

Three years ago Mahmoud Abbas was offered a plan by the then…

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