Contrary to Financial Times claim, Hamas did NOT drop call for destruction of Israel

UK Media Watch

Here are the opening sentences in a May 1st Financial Timesarticle written by their Jerusalem correspondent, John Reed.

Hamas, the militant Islamist group, on Monday dropped a call for Israel’s destruction and endorsed the creation of a Palestinian state inside 1967 borders, in a rhetorical shift that analysts said reflected the group’s political ambitions and changing priorities in a new Middle East. A policy paper released in Doha by Khaled Meshaal, Hamas’s political leader, described the creation of an interim Palestinian state in the 1967 lines — the cornerstone of the two-decade-old peace process supported by Mahmoud Abbas’s Palestinian Authority — as “a formula for national consensus”

The claim by Reed that Hamas no longer calls for Israel’s destruction inspired the accompanying headline.

However, there are multiple reasons why the Financial Times claim is untrue.  

First, the new policy paper does not replace or in any way supersede…

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