BDS is failing – a continuing series (May 2017)

UK Media Watch

Here’s the latest installment in ourongoing series documenting BDS fails and exposing the spectacularly misleading media narrative on the alleged successes of the campaign to economically and socially isolate the Jewish state.

Political BDS fails

Bassem Eid of Palestinian Human Rights Monitoring Group explains why BDS is bad for Palestinains

All 100 US senators sign letter asking for equal treatment of Israel at the U.N.

All 100 U.S. senators signed a letter released Friday asking U.N. Secretary General António Guterres to address what the lawmakers call entrenched bias against Israel at the world body.

The unanimous message notes that the United States is the largest contributor to the United Nations but does not threaten the withholding of U.S. dues. Still, it uses strong language to insist that the United Nations rectify what the senators said is unequal treatment of Israel on human rights and other grounds.

“Through words and…

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