Venezuela After the Politics

Joel D. Hirst's Blog

It’s been a while since I’ve written about Venezuela; though I follow the news every day. Bread lines turning into “Brownie Wars”. A starving nation sending “flood relief” to Peru, echoing the days when Idi Amin sent food to Britain – although the Venezuelan government doesn’t know that. Banana Republics tend to “rhyme”; following the only poems written at the end – those by politicians.

A life free from politics – that’s what the Venezuelans want now. For a time, when Hugo Chavez swaggered over the mountains and through the valleys the people surged behind him like a wave, filling cracks and crevices and holes. The revolution was everywhere – t-shirts and banners and marches. Red, a red tide inundating the nation. For the poor, the people in makeshift orange-brick houses clinging to the side of hills it must have felt a tremendous vindication; after so long in…

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