Guardian attacks Israel’s record on women’s rights

Palestinian-American “feminist” activist Linda Sarsour was widely criticised recently after risibly suggesting in aninterview that Zionists can’t be feminists.  Though Sarsour’s credibility on this issue was fatally undermined by (among other decidedly illiberal positions she’s taken) tweets in which she actually defended Saudi Arabia’s feminist credentials, she’s hardly alone in leveling such smears.

A tendentious and one-sided article published today at the Observer (sister site of the Guardian) doesn’t go as far as Sarsour, but does hyperbolically suggest the rights of women in Israel are being eroded to the point where democracy itself under threat.  The article (Banned and barred, Israel’s women stand up to religious hardliners, March 19th) is particularly biased in that the author, Emma Graham-Harrison, doesn’t even attempt to give the other side of the story, failing to acknowledge the country’s overall success in protecting the rights of women.

Here are Graham-Harrison’s examples of rampant oppression.

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