Channel 4 News fails to challenge Palestinian claim on Jerusalem eviction

A March 7th Channel 4 News video segment by international editor Lindsey Hilsum failed to challenge the narrative that Palestinians are being unjustly evicted from their homes in east Jerusalem. The segment – loosely centered around British foreign secretary Boris Johnson’s recent trip to the region – included an interview with a Palestinian woman named Nora Sublaban. Sublaban suggested that her family was being evicted by Israeli authorities for no good reason and that she’d lived in the apartment her entire life.  “All of my memories are here”, she explained to Hilsum.

However, that’s not accurate.  How  do we know this?

Because our colleagues at CAMERA prompted a long New York TimesEditor’s Note to an article by Diaa Hadid which advanced the same narrative. Here are excerpts from the original CAMERA analysis:

The Sub-Labans were at one time long-term tenants of the property in question, and under Israeli law enjoyed “protected…

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