Independent or PressTV? Indy piece on Israel cites ‘analysis’ of fringe extremist and 9/11 truther

UK Media Watch

Independent, March 13th

Even by Indy standards, this is just bizarre.  Their Middle East correspondent, Bethan McKernan, contextualized an article on  Donald Trump’s recent invitation to Mahmoud Abbas by citing the “analysis” of a fringe extremist named Ralph Schoenman.

The March 13th article cites Schoenman – the “leading academic” thusly:

US President Donald Trump’s extended invitation to Palestinian Authority PresidentMahmoud Abbas to discuss bringing peace to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will not affect the Israeli right wing’s “long-term desire” of “pushing the Palestinian population out of the West Bank,” an American academic and anti-war activist has said. 

“The outline of what they intend to discuss [is] ways in which for Abbas can provide some sort of covering sanction for the plans of Trump to accommodate himself to the agenda [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu has with respect to Palestinians and the occupied territories,” Ralph Schoenma, author of the influential 1988 book…

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