Some Schadenfreude for the week of Purim

Anne's Opinions

The Israel-haters on campus are notorious for shutting down any pro-Israel speech or even neutral-on-Israel speech. We are seeing this at the moment in Israel Apartheid Week events and all the BDS-sponsored riots and mayhem whenever an Israeli speaker comes to town.

Last week we heard the good news that British universities have begun cracking down on IAW as a form of hate speech, mainly because Theresa May’s government adopted the International definition of antisemitism.

And the Israel-haters don’t like this one little bit!

Watch this delicious video in which anti-Israel activists on campus whine about their speech being silenced (via Israellycool):

They do not like their speech being shut down do they?. They can dish it out but they sure can’t take it!

On Purim (which falls next Sunday) there are two intertwined themes: Venahafoch hu – “and it was turned about” – where events turned out the…

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