How the Guardian’s decision to publish extremist Tony Greenstein normalises antisemitism

UK Media Watch

Our colleague Hadar Sela recently reported on the BBC’s coverage of the death of Gerald Kaufman, focusing on the manner in which they airbrushed out the late MP’s recordof Judeophobic remarks, and his collaboration with Hamas. Sadly, other British media obituaries similarly portrayed Kaufman as merely anti-Israel, ignoring multiple instances in which he advanced unambiguously antisemitic tropes, such as a talk last year in which he warned of the danger of “Jewish money”. 

However, arguably Kaufman’s most insidious comments about Jews occured during a Commons debate on the war in Gaza in 2009, a speech alluded to by left-wing extremist Tony Greenstein in a letter publishedon March 3rd in the Guardian

Here’s the letter.

In your obituary of Gerald Kaufman (28 February), you refer to his support for the Palestinians. When I first met him, more than 30 years ago, he was a…

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