US military to actively target Shabaab in Somalia | FDD\’s Long War Journal

US military to actively target Shabaab in Somalia | FDD\’s Long War Journal

Source: US military to actively target Shabaab in Somalia | FDD\’s Long War Journal


Did the Independent just publish a fake Ben-Gurion quote? (Update)

UK Media Watch

An article in the Independent by Harriet Agerholm gives discredited extremist Richard Falk a chance to air his side of the row involving his co-authorship of a report claiming that Israel is an apartheid state. The article, (Professor who labelled Israel an ‘apartheid regime’ defends UN report stating Israelis have used same term, March 29), quotes Falk, in aninterview he gave to Middle East Eye, thusly:

Professor Falk also pointed out [in the Middle East Eye interview] that “apartheid” had been used by a number senior Israeli politicians to describe the situation with the Palestinian people, including the country’s first prime minister, David Ben-Gurion.

He quoted a 1967 radio address from Mr Ben Gurion, when he said “Israel would soon become an apartheid state” if it did not “rid itself of the territories and their Arab population as soon as possible.”

We had never come across this alleged quote before, and there weren’t many references to it…

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Event touted by BBC as ‘non-political’ bans UK participant on political grounds

BBC Watch

Four years ago the BBC’s Jon Donnison (who was based in the region at the time) promoted a marathon run in the PA controlled territories as a ‘non-political’ event – despite very clear evidence to the contrary.

“The Israelis should look at this purely as a sporting event. It has nothing to do with politics,” says Samia al-Wazir, the spokeswoman for the Palestinian Olympic Committee.” [emphasis added]

This year that marathon is taking place on March 31st and British comedian (and marathon runner) Eddie Izzard had planned to take part.

The event’s organisers had other ideas:

A BDS campaign linked website that received promotion from BBC Music just last month put out a press release:

“British comedian Eddie Izzard cannot run for freedom this Friday if he entertains in Tel Aviv on Thursday, say Palestine Marathon organisers.

“We refuse to be used as a…

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Revisiting Jeremy Bowen’s facilitation of Hamas PR

BBC Watch

Two years ago the BBC’s Middle East editor conducted an embarrassingly unchallenging interview with Hamas’ Khaled Masha’al that was promoted in filmed and written versions. Readers of the written report were told that:

“Although Hamas has opposed years of on-off peace talks between the Palestinian Authority and Israel, Mr Meshaal said he and the group had agreed to accept the boundaries which existed before the 1967 Middle East war as the basis for those of a future Palestinian state.”

In the filmed version, viewers found the following:

Bowen: “Do you think a two state solution is still possible between yourselves and the Israelis?

Masha’al: “Israel with its extremist leadership has killed the peace process, the two state solution and every opportunity for a political solution for the Palestinian cause. And if the West and the United States want to do something new, then they have to change the approach that…

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