Guardian erases Israeli citizenship from “Palestinian” Arab Idol contestant

A Guardian/Reuters report (Palestinians in raptures as as Yaqoub Shaheen wins Arab Idol TV contest, Feb. 26th) focuses on a Palestinian from Bethlehem who won this year’s Arab Idol.

Palestinians have taken to the street to celebrate the victory of their compatriot Yaqoub Shaheen in the hugely popular Middle East television talent show Arab Idol.

This year’s final, filmed in Lebanon, was between a Yemeni, Ammar Mohammed, and two Palestinian competitors, Shaheen from Bethlehem andAmeer Dandan.

Here’s the problem: contrary to the Guardian’s suggestion, runner-up Ameer Dandan is actually an Israeli born resident of the US.  He’s from Majd al-Krum in the Upper Galilee and is currently a university student in New Jersey.

How do we know this? Well, in addition to checking other reports on the Arab Idol contestants (and reviewing Dandan’s official Facebook page), we reviewed the original text of the Reuters story published…

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