Guardian home page: Azaria verdict relegates 74 dead migrants to 2nd place

UK Media Watch

A couple of hours ago, Israeli military judges sentenced IDF soldier Elor Azaria to 18 months in prison for killing an incapacitated Palestinian terrorist in Hebron last year.  The case drew widespread media attention both in Israel and abroad.  Sure enough, the Guardian published a report on the verdict, by their Jerusalem correspondent Peter Beaumont, less than 30 minutes after it was announced. 

The article wasn’t especially problematic.

However, one element of the Guardian’s coverage of the incident was extremely telling, and speaks to a larger problem relating to British media coverage of the region.  

Here’s how the Guardian’s home page has appeared since the story broke.

prioritiesRemarkably, Guardian editors gave more space on their home page to the Azaria manslaughter verdict than to areport on 74 dead migrants washing up on shore in Libya this morning.  Is a story surrounding the death of one Palestinian…

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