UKMW prompts Indy correction over Shai Masot claim

UK Media Watch

On Feb. 6th, weposted about several false claims in an op-ed at the Independent by Ryvka Barnard (Senior Campaigns Officer at War on Want). One of the errors (which we complained about in an email to Indy editors) pertained to this passage:

oldThe Israeli in question is Shai Masot, who was the subject of a highlydubious Al Jazeera investigation last month into the Israel lobby’salleged ‘penetration’ of the UK.  Masot was filmed during a private dinner conversation boasting that he’d love to take down Alan Duncan, MP.  However, Barnard’s claim that Masot, a low-level employee of the Israeli embassy, was an “emissary” of the Israeli Ministry of Strategic Affairs (written as if it was an undisputed fact) was contradicted in a tweet by the minister himself, Gilad Erdan. 

Indy editors upheld our complaint and amended the passage, which now at least includes Erdan’s unequivocal denial of Masot’s…

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