The Guardian journalist who drove through a (non-existent) tunnel under Mt. of Olives

UK Media Watch

In 2012, our colleague Tamar Sternthal analysed a tendentious and astonishingly sloppy article at Newsweek by journalistSarah Helm, uncovering a myriad of factual errors or distortions.  A Feb. 13th Guardianarticle written by Helm, “Reading the future of the West Bank in its contour” was similarly sloppy and misleading in amplifying the propagandistic musings of a Palestinian “cartographer” named Khalil Tufakji


Here are the three most egregious errors or distortions:

First, a tunnel under Mt. of Olives?

I’ve been listening to Tufakji since the mid-1990s and everything he foresaw has so far come true. He pointed out where a tunnel would be drilled through the Mount of Olives to connect settlements – it seemed impossible but we are now driving through it.

We don’t know where Helm was driving at the time, but we know for certain that it wasn’t through the historic 3,000 year old Jewish…

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