Guardian letter repeats lie that there are “millions” of actual Palestinian refugees

UK Media Watch

There are not millions of Palestinians refugees.

There are not hundreds of thousands of Palestinian refugees.

There are, according to credible estimates, roughly 30,000 Palestinians still alive out of the original refugee population of 750,000 or so from the 1948 war.  

By contrast, there are over 16 million non-Palestinian refugees in the world.

Keep this in mind when reading the following letter published in the Guardian on Feb. 8th.

Anish Kapoor accepts Israel’s $1m Genesis prize and makes a heartfelt statement about the plight of refugees – but fails to mention the word “Palestinian” (Kapoor uses prize to protest at ‘exclusionist’ refugee policies, 6 February). Predictably, his words have been packaged by the prize organisers (co-sponsored by the office of the Israeli prime minister) for a global audience, and they have provided Israel with a $1m PR victory.

It’s laudable that Kapoor wishes to give the…

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