Naturally, the Indy tries to tie Trump ‘Muslim ban’ to Israel’s treatment of Palestinians

A Jan. 31st article at The Independent’s BuzzFeed style website (i100) tried to tie in President Trump’s new ban on immigration from seven Muslim countries with the Palestinian ‘struggle’ against Israel. 


After providing a few paragraphs of background on Trump’s widely criticised policy, the i100 journalist (Jarjas Zatat) awkwardly pivots to Israel.

For Palestinians, freedom of movement is a challenge. Palestine has been subject to over fifty years of Israeli military occupation…

Israeli law requires everyone to carry an ID pass – Israeli citizens and permanent residents tend to have a blue cover. Residents of the West Bank and the Gaza strip tend to have green covers. Palestinians wishing to travel abroad are required to apply for a visa. In the case of Hashem, his parents made an appointment with the US consulate in Jerusalem for Friday, so that they could travel to the US for their…

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