Could everything the media told you about Israel’s ‘eroding democracy’ be wrong?

UK Media Watch

The putative ‘erosion’ of Israel’s democracy is one of those NGO and media-driven narratives that has developed into something akin to conventional wisdom among the state’s critics – despite the dearth of any real empirical evidence attesting to such a political decline.  

Such erroneous predictionsamplified withinboththeIsraeliand Britishfar-left, sometimes go so far as to predict “the end” of Israeli democracy.  Typically, such hyperbolic characterisations are employed in response to ill-advised (proposed) legislation that would never in fact become law – or, at least, end up being significantly watered down, rendering the original concerns practically moot. 

Here are a few examples of such dire predictions by widely read (or at least influential) media outlets.

ftFinancial Times editorial, 2011

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