LBC’s James O’Brien fails to challenge Haneen Zoabi’s lies about Israel

UK Media Watch

Over at BBC Watch, our colleague Hadar Sela recently examined the failure of a BBC Radio 4 ‘Today’ host to challenge the propaganda of Balad MK Haneen Zoabi – who was in the UK for a series of speaking engagements – during an interview last week. Whilst she was in London, Zoabi was also interviewed by LBC host James O’Brien, who similarly failed to challenge multiple distortions and falsehoods bytheextremistArab Israeli MK

You can hear the full interview here, but here’s a list of the almost entirely unchallenged propaganda by Zoabi.

Zoabi claimed that “84% of Palestinians were expelled” during 1948.  

This is not true. Whilst some of the Palestinians who fled the war “were forced from their homes by the Jewish military”, most left due to “in response to exhortations by Arab military and political leaders” or were “fleeing the heavy fighting that surrounded…

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