Unpacking Avi Shlaim’s claim in the Guardian that occupation is “the root of all evil”.

UK Media Watch

A guest post by CAMERA intern Aron White

Much is written and said about Israeli settlements in the West Bank, but it is worth challenging one of the most oft-repeated statements about Israeli settlements – that they challenge the possibility of a Palestinian state.

This claim is often repeated, and it was recently made in a Guardianop-ed by Avi Shlaim, an Oxford historian, and one of the “New Historians”. He is avowedly anti-Israel, supporting economic sanctions against Israel, and writing for anti-Israel publications like Electronic Intifada. His latest article is no different, with him placing all the blame for the conflict on Israeli. “He (Netanyahu) and his government are addicted to occupation – the root of all evil,” Shlaim wrote. This one-sided view, whereby the Israelis are to blame for everything, is not something new in the writing of Professor Shlaim – in the past,

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