UKMW prompts correction relating to this question: How many settlements are in the West Bank?

UK Media Watch

Let’s test your knowledge on Israeli settlements. Which of the following represents the total number of settlements, including illegal outposts, in the West Bank?


First, before we give the answer, here are a few related facts which fly in the face of much of what’s reported in the British media on the issue of settlements:

  • The pace of settlement home construction has actually slowed somewhat since 2009, in comparison to previous years.
  • Israel hasn’t constructed a new settlement in approximately two decades.  
  • Though the media often suggests (by the volume and sensational nature of their settlement stories) that new settlements are constructed all the time, what they’re typically alluding to are new homes within existing settlement boundaries.
  • There’s widespread agreement that most major settlement blocs (which represents the overwhelming majority of construction across the green line) will almost certainly remain part of Israel in any future…

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