Al Jazeera exposé of Israel lobby was Jew-baiting dressed up as an investigation.

UK Media Watch

In an op-ed at The Jewish Chronicle on Jan. 12th, Marcus Dysch (The JC’s political editor) scrutinized the second part of Al Jazeera’s investigation into the Israel lobby in Britain:

If you thought the first part of Al Jazeera’s supposed expose of Israeli lobbying in Britain was ridiculous, then the second, shown today, will leave you downright sickened.

The Qatari government-funded channel appears to have embarked on an exercise that is nothing more than straightforward Jew-baiting dressed up as an investigation.

This is trolling on an epic scale. When people talk about living in a post-truth age, this is it, broadcast on YouTube for all to see.

In one of today’s key scenes, Ella Rose – a former Union of Jewish Students president who now works as director of the Jewish Labour Movement – is shown moved to tears after repeated clashes with anti-Israel activists.

It is hard to see…

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