The BBC`s “soft boycott” of Israel

A guest post by Aron White

A few weeks ago, Jewish Chronicle editor Stephen Pollard drew attention to the BBC`s “soft boycott” of Israel. The term, coined by Mr Pollard, describes the tendency at the BBC to report on Israeli innovations and technological breakthroughs, without mentioning that they took place at Israeli institutions and companies.

Most recently, the BBC reported on a breakthrough in cancer treatment by the Weizmann Institute, but the Israeli origins of the research were significantly downplayed.


I wish to further analyse this “soft boycott”, and argue that it is actually multifaceted. There are times when the BBC completely ignores Israel`s connection to a newsworthy company, times when Israel`s connection is significantly downplayed, and times when Israel`s connection is specifically focussed on, in cases which fit a particular agenda and narrative of Israel, as a militaristic and pariah state.

There are times when brilliant Israeli companies are…

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