Refuting Tony Greenstein’s Guardian claim that antisemitism definition silences Israel’s critics

As reported on these pages, the UK government adopted the IHRA (International Holocaust Rememberance Alliance) Working Definition on Antisemitism last week, a decision enthusiastically welcomed by British Jews and anti-racist campaigners.

Quite naturally, anti-Zionists weren’t too pleased, as the WD defines as antisemitic the view that Zionism = Racism, and the corresponding belief that Israel has no right to exist. Among those objecting to the government’s decision were a group of anti-Zionists in the UK (including Tony Greenstein) whose letter – which, in effect, accuses British Jews of falsely crying antisemitism to silence debate about Israel appeared in the Guardian on Dec. 17th.


Here it is:

You report that the government is going to adopt a “new definition” of antisemitism in order to prevent an “over-sweeping condemnation of Israel” (Britain to pioneer new antisemitism definition, 12 December). The new definition has nothing to do with opposing antisemitism, it is…

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