Indy poll falsely suggests that UK gov’t views mere Israel criticism as antisemitic

UK Media Watch

Yesterday, we posted about Downing Street’s announcement that the government was going to adopt a version of the EUMC Working Definition of Antisemitism (WD) – the most widely respected and recognized official definition of antisemitism.  Regarding Israel, the WD’s definition of antisemitism includes comparing Israel with Nazi Germany and denying Israel’s right to exist.

The following day, the Independent published an op-ed by Ben White, a pro-Palestinian activists who rejects Israel’s right to exist, in response to the government’s decision. White naturally opposes the the adoption of the WD. (See our post here)

The following day, the Indy published another op-ed, by Emily Hilton, softly supporting the new definition.

Embedded in the article was the following readers’ poll:


As you can see, the wording of the poll is extremely misleading, as it suggests that the mere criticism of Israel is defined as antisemitic by the WD – reflecting White’s…

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