BBC mum on arrests of two Hamas terror cells

BBC Watch

While repeatedly promoting the topic of ‘lone wolf’ attacks against Israelis and telling its audiences that “there’s no sign of involvement by militant groups” in the wave of terror attacks which began in October 2015, the BBC has ignored or played down the links of some of the attackers to established terror organisations. Concurrently, the corporation’s journalists have long ignored the issue of Hamas’ attempts to boost its terror infrastructure in Judea & Samaria and Jerusalem.BBC brick wall  

As noted here last month, a poll conducted in the UK suggests that what the BBC does not report about Hamas and other terror groups and their enablers is no less influential in shaping public opinion as the stories which are covered.

Last week the Israeli security services announced the arrests of Hamas operatives from PA controlled areas.

“Operatives from several Hamas cells from Tzurif and Hebron in the…

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