Netflix nation? Financial Times stumbles upon the ‘normal’ state of Israel

UK Media Watch

Early this year, Israelis from across the political spectrum breathed a collective sigh of relief upon news that the quality of life had improved dramatically. No, the exorbitant cost of living hadn’t decreased.  Nor, did jihadist threats from the southern and northern borders recede.  

What we’re referring to is the announcement in early January that, after many long years, another long national nightmare finally ended: Netflix – the US-based company which provides streaming media and video on demand – had finally become available in the country!

netflix “Netflix and Chill”

Though most in the West could be forgiven for failing to appreciate that Israelis have a life beyond the conflict and actually occupy themselves with quotidian concerns such as ‘What’s on TV?”, the reality is that – in addition to the fact that Israelis can now (legally) enjoy popular Netflix shows like The Crown and House of Cards – the country has…

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