Double-Styles: Castro, Netanyahu and a tale of two Guardian editorials

UK Media Watch

Written by CAMERA intern Aron White

The death of Fidel Castro has led to a flurry of obituaries over the past week, with some lauding him as a “hero”, and others referring to him as a “torturer and tyrant”.  It is interesting to compare theGuardian editorial on the death of Fidel Castro with their editorial last year on the election victory of Benjamin Netanyahu.


The contrast between the two articles highlight some of the systemic flaws with media coverage of Israel, both at the Guardian and more broadly.


The Guardian piece on Castro is very balanced, as it presents both his positive and negative sides. The article lists his crimes – sham trials, summary executions and a situation where “power flowed from the gun, and a repressive state pointed weapons inward.” But the article then lists his achievements – “a remarkable system of…

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