BDS is failing – a continuing series (Dec. 2016)

UK Media Watch

Here’s the latest installment in our ongoing series of posts highlighting BDS Fails.

Political BDS Fails

Israel’s Arab and Muslim Allies Aid in Firefighting Effort

( Several of Israel’s Arab and Muslim allies have sent firefighting equipment to help put out the raging fires across the Jewish state in a show of regional cooperation and solidarity.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced Friday that Egypt will send two helicopters, while Jordan is dispatching a number of fire trucks to battle the blazes. Azerbaijan, a Muslim-majority nation and one of Israel’s closest allies in central Asia, announced Friday that it sent BE-200CS amphibious aircraft to Israel, the Azeri News Agency reported. The moves by Egypt, Jordan, and Azerbaijan come after Turkey sent firefighting aircraft to Israel Thursday.

The Palestinian Authority is also contributing to the firefighting effort, sending several firefighters from the West Bank to battle blazes in northern Israel.

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