Guardian columnist takes swipe at Israel in story focusing on noise at Heathrow.

What does the British debate over plans to build a third runway at London’s Heathrow Airport have to do with Israel?

Absolutely nothing.

Yet, Guardian columnist Giles Fraser managed to connect the seemingly unconnected in his Nov. 24th column:


Fraser is clearly sympathetic to the residents of Richmond Park protesting against a planned third runway at Heathrow airport and indeed devotes much of his column reflecting on what he refers to as the ‘forgotten pollutant of noise’ in society.  

“Silence”, Fraser opines, “is crucial to our physical and mental health”.

Yet, seven paragraphs down, Fraser finds an effort to limit noise pollution he doesn’t seem to fancy.

And one cannot celebrate silence uncritically. Being silenced is what happens to those who are victims of abuse. Moreover, what counts as bad noise is often controversial. The Israeli Knesset is currently passing legislation to silence the Muslim call to prayer, legislation…

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