British magazine collaborates with Palestine Solidarity Campaign to produce “news” about Israel

UK Media Watch

Palestine Solidarity Campaign (a group so radical and reportedly compromisedby links to extremism that a British bank closed its account due to fears its cash could be funnelled to illegal groups in Gaza) is collaborating with the ‘New Statesman’ (a magazine which once published one of the more antisemitic covers in recent UK media history) to produce a series of articles on PSC’s campaign against “Israel’s illegal settlements”.

featured-image-for-post New Statesman, Nov. 18th.

The results are quite predictable.

The most recent New Statesmen / PSC entry (The Frontline of Israel’s Settlement Regime, Nov. 18th) was written by Salah Arjama, the director of Lajee Cultural Centre in Aida Refugee camp, and the propaganda begins in the first paragraph:

 Aida refugee camp, in which I live and work, is on the edge of the famous town of Bethlehem. Our families established the camp in 1950 after being forcibly expelled from their…

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