Superficial BBC reporting on proposed legislation – part 1

BBC Watch

An article published on the BBC News website’s ‘World’ and ‘Middle East’ pages on the evening of November 13th ran under the headline “Quieten calls to prayer in Israel – Netanyahu“.yogev-bill-art

Given that headline – together with the fact that the report fails to inform BBC audiences that this latest version of a draft bill to limit the use of outdoor public address systems by religious establishments was actually submitted by other members of the Knesset – readers may well have received the inaccurate impression that it was put forward by the Israeli prime minister, who is the only person named in the report.

“Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is backing a proposal to quieten calls to prayer, saying he has received complaints from all quarters about “noise and suffering”. […]

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told a cabinet meeting: “I cannot count the times – they are…

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