Guardian letter calls ’56 Suez War an ‘unprovoked’ Israeli attack and a ‘war crime’

UK Media Watch

Though much attention has been paid to the upcoming 100 year anniversary of the Balfour Declaration, another anniversary was on the mind of Professor Colin Pritchard: the Suez Campaign of late Oct. to early Nov. 1956.


Here’s the letter in full:

Sixty years ago, along with 50,000 troops, I was in Cyprus for our airborne and land invasion of Egypt on 5 November. We had been told that we needed to help little Israel against the bullying tactics of “big” Egypt, and of course we were a generation of young men for whom the Holocaust had real meaning and parallels were drawn between the Egyptian leader, Nasser, and Hitler. Furthermore, we were told we were protecting “our” Suez canal for the world. Hence we all went willingly and, as young men do, with some macho. We believed what we were told and, as there was a censorship from Britain…

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