Hypocrisy, thy middle name is Loach

UK Media Watch

Unlike the spineless and amoral organisers of the Edinburgh Film Festival, the people who run the Melbourne Film Festival stood up to Ken Loach’s attempt to use his film ‘Looking for Eric’ as a lever to get them to cancel Israeli sponsorship. Last week Richard Moore, the Melbourne organiser, had an article in The Guardian about the affair.

Today Loach and his associates responded.

Let’s look at their arguments:

“Over the last 60 years Israel, backed by the United States, has shown contempt for hundreds of UN resolutions, the Geneva convention and international law. It has demonstrated itself to be a violent and ruthless state, as was clearly shown by the recent massacres in Gaza, and was even prepared to further challenge international law by its use of phosphorous weapons.”

Wrong. Israel has not ‘shown contempt for’ a single Security Council Resolution. Neither has it ‘shown contempt for’…

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