UK Media Watch prompts Indy correction to Palestinian ‘news outlet’ Facebook ‘ban’ claim

UK Media Watch

Last month, we posted about a report published at the Independent (Facebook ‘blocks’ accounts of seven Palestinian journalists, Sept. 26) which claimed that two Palestinian “news outlets” had their Facebook accounts suspended “as the result of a new agreementbetween the social media company and the Israeli government” designed to facilitate the removal of posts that incite violence.

We pointed out two substantive problems with the report.

The Indy failed to note that the “news organizations” in question (Quds News Network and Shehab News Agency) are both reportedly affiliated with terror groups, and neglected to tell readers that the “journalists” had their Facebook accounts reinstated within a day of the suspension. A Facebook spokesperson apologized, saying the suspensions had been “accidental”.

So, there was really no story here – certainly nothing to support the Indy’s…

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