BDS is failing: a continuing series (Oct. 2016)

UK Media Watch

Here’s the latest installment in our ongoing series documenting BDS fails:



US agrees to provide 10-year military assistance package worth $38 billion

After months of negotiations, Israel and the US agreed on a new memorandum of understanding (MOU) governing the next decade of US military aid to Israel. Reuters reports the 10-year package is worth $38 billion, “representing the biggest pledge of US military assistance ever made to any country.” Haaretz adds that Israel’s acting National Security Adviser, Jacob Nagel has already arrived in Washington to sign the agreement.

Notable changes from previous MOUs include:

  1. A) Phasing out a provision for spending 26% of the aid in Israel’s own defense industry.
    B) Money for missile defense, which till now was funded ad hoc by Congress
    C) An Israeli commitment not to lobby Congress for additional aid.

Anti-Israel BDS Event Cancelled After Democratic Lawmaker Withdraws Sponsorship

The Democratic House lawmaker who…

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