Indy’s Robert Fisk smears Shimon Peres as a man of ‘blood and slaughter’.

UK Media Watch

Shimon Peres died yesterday at the age of 93.  Within hours of his death, British media obituaries for the internationally popular Israeli statesman flooded the internet. Most have been positive, though some have included reasonable criticisms.

Whilst the usual propagandists from the ‘hate Israel’ brigade launched all too predictable attacks on Peres during the day, the Independent was the first ‘mainstream’ British news outlet to go all out smear.  

Well, to be fair, it wasn’t just any Indy journalist.

It was Robert Fisk.

Fisk reduced the Israeli leader’s long and distinguished career to one incident carried out by the IDF during an operation against Hezbollah in 1996.

The headline of the Sept. 28th piece says it all.  

indy-headlineDon’t remember Peres, Fisk is saying, as the tenacious advocate for peace who held every major government position during his political career, nor as Nobel Peace Prize…

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