Two egregious omissions illustrate continued anti-Israel bias at the Independent

UK Media Watch

Omissions are arguably more damaging than outright errors in skewing news reports in a particular political direction.

Whereas outright errors of fact can often be easily spotted and challenged, the mere absence of information vital to accurately contextualize a story is not always as easy to catch, and even harder to correct.  Such omissions – most of which just so happen to reinforce the desired media narrative on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict – greatly impact news consumers’ understanding of Israel and the wider region.

A report published at the Independent yesterday (Facebook ‘blocks’ accounts of seven Palestinian journalists, Sept. 26) falls into this category.

First, a brief note on the photo Indy editors chose for the tweet and the full article. The ‘menacing’ Israeli soldier and the pleading Palestinian women may be evocative, but (as you’ll see) it has little to do with the story.

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