Guardian writer evidently has absolutely no idea why Israel builds fences

UK Media Watch

Much of the Guardian’s coverage of Israel and the Palestinian territories suffers from a basic failure to understand cause and effect. Take, for instance, how reporters typically try to contextualize deprivation in Gaza as a ‘result’ of Israeli restrictions on the entry of some (mostly military-related) goods.  

Rarely, do reporters explain the ‘root cause’ of such Israeli policies: the basic need to protect their citizens from harm by slowing the flow of weapons to the terrorist group Hamas.  It’s Hamas’s belligerent policies, based on an ideologically-motivated desire to annihilate Israel, and not the Israeli response to Hamas, that is the driving force behind the crisis in Gaza.

Likewise, reports which focus on the injurious impact of Israel’s security fence on Palestinian lives often downplay the reason the fence was constructed in the early 2000s: to prevent suicide bombers from crossing the then porous boundaries between Israel and the West Bank…

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