Guardian op-ed smears Israel with discredited NGO claim of “50 racist laws”

UK Media Watch

adalah-graphic-blog%2ffbAn op-ed published at the Guardian (Don’t worry! Clinton and Trump are going to fix Israel/Palestine, Sept. 6) by Moustafa Bayoumi argued that the situation in “Palestine” will get worse regardless of who is elected president.

Among Bayoumi’s litany of accusations against Israel was the following, alleging systemic discrimination against the country’s Arab minority.

Palestinian citizens of Israel struggle under a system that accords them fewer rights and opportunities than their Jewish counterparts.

His claim that Israeli Arabs (“Palestinian citizens of Israel”) are afforded less rights than Jews links to a widely cited report by the far-left NGO Adalah which alleges the existence of at least “50 racist laws” in Israel.

However, CAMERA and other watchdog groups have refuted Adalah’s claims of racism – a term used so carelessly by the NGO that even an Israeli public health law requiring that parents vaccinate their children is bizarrely 

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