Why was this pro-Israel comment deleted by Guardian moderators?

UK Media Watch

Cross posted from the blog of Yisrael Medad

I posted a comment to this op-ed in The Guardian, entitled: Don’t worry! Clinton and Trump are going to fix Israel/Palestine by Moustafa Bayoumi, a student of Edward Said.

Bayoumi is “an award-winning writer, and associate professor of English at Brooklyn College, City University of New York” according to his bio at the paper.

I received this reply in less than an hour and a half:-

Hi YMedad,
We wanted to let you know that a comment of yours has been removed from theguardian.com because it was flagged by the moderation team as:
    *Off topic*
What is on topic is what is included in the article, so what is off-topic is decided on an article-by-article basis depending on the subject and will be enforced more scrupulously on sensitive subjects. Posts which could derail the conversation by leading it…

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