New Guardian “journalist” revealed to be anti-Zionist extremist

UK Media Watch

The magazine Private Eyenoted the “oddly partisan” nature of a Guardianarticle (Corbyn joins seatless commuters on floor for three-hour train journey, Aug. 16th) which characterized the Labour leader as a man of principle for joining 20 seatless commuters on the floor of a “packed” train from London to Newcastle.

Of course, this was published a week before CCTV footage emerged contradicting claims that he was forced to sit on the floor, but that isn’t the point of the Private Eye article, which revealed that the co-author of the Guardian piece, film maker “Charles Anthony”, is a passionate Corbyn supporter who used to be a member of Socialist Workers Party (SWP).  SWP is a extreme-left group criticized for (among other things) its “involvement in the bannings of Jewish Societies at university campuses and its repeated hosting of Gilad Atzmon“.

corbyn and jeremy Anthony, during an interview with Jeremy Corbyn

charles and max Anthony, during an interview…

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