BBC sidelines accuracy in rush to promote another ‘racist Israel’ story

BBC Watch

On August 31st the BBC News website chose to publish on its Middle East page an article about a wholly domestic Israeli story. Misleadingly headlined “Israel police chief: ‘Natural’ to suspect Ethiopians of crime“, the report opens:Alsheich art

“Israel’s police commissioner has been criticised for suggesting it is natural to suspect Israelis of Ethiopian descent of crimes more than others.”

Readers have to proceed to paragraph seven of the article to get past that sensationalist framing and find out what was really said by the police commissioner trying to combat the phenomenon of over-policing which is of course evident in many democratic countries, including the UK.

“At a meeting of the Israel Bar Association in Tel Aviv on Tuesday, Mr Alsheich was asked why Ethiopian-Israelis appeared to be singled out by his force.

“Studies the world over, without exception, have shown that immigrants are invariably more involved…

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