The Free Gaza Flotilla: Sailing away from Human Rights

UK Media Watch

This is a cross post by Uri Goldflam from CIC Scene

The “free Gaza” flotilla has nothing to do with human rights.

Why? The answer is so simple a 5 year old can understand it.

  • There is no problem to transfer humanitarian aid into Gaza. Hundred of trucks enter the strip daily. Last week UNRWA set up an entire summer camp facility for the children of Gaza. It was transported with the aid of Israel. The camp was then burned down by Hamas. (Hamas also burned restaurants in Gaza. Restaurants? In starving Gaza? Yes, indeed.)
  • If “Human Rights” were the real agenda of the boat people they could have easily transported all the goods through the Israeli border crossings.
  • If “Human Rights” were the real agenda, the leaders of the boat people would have agreed to transfer a message and a package to Gilad Shalit – An Israeli soldier…

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